The Gypsy, Pt. I

from by Zap Goes Pop!

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May 7th, 1692

Dear Diary,

Today when I was shopping with Mum, two guards walked a man in chains into the middle of town square... Everyone stopped to watch - I'd never heard the village so quiet before. Mum told me the man was a traitor to the Kingdom. A masked man in black walked him on to the stage and tied a rope around his neck... Mum told me it's called a noose. A guard asked the man if he had any last words. The man shouted that the war was not over, that there would be another uprising and one day things would change. He said that wisdom had been left behind for those wise enough to seek it. a drumroll began and they blindfolded the man... then the wooden planks fell from beneath him. Most of the villagers clapped and cheered... but I didn't.

On the walk home, I asked Mum what an "uprising" was. She told me not to worry my head with such things. She told me the man was a gypsy - and now that he was gone, the war would stop. The soldiers wouldn't come to town looking for him anymore and things would go back to normal. She told me I would understand when I was older, and not to let what just happened linger on my mind. She told me the gypsy knew the consequences of his actions and still chose to take that path, and that I was not to speak of it anymore. I wanted so badly to ask more questions but I knew she wouldn't answer them...

Why would he take a path knowing it would lead to death? What could he have done to earn such a fate? ...and why was everyone cheering?


from reflections 2k16, released April 20, 2016
erica daubert - vocals / lyrics
rab speese - guitar



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Zap Goes Pop! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An ecclectic group of eccentric musicians, connecting with each other in small corners of time. Pushing the boundaries of collaboration by bringing together music from various genres and realms.
Though we are each uniquely different - we are all one.
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